Soft Wall - Electronic Press Kit

Soft Wall brings real-time visual projections and mapping, supporting experimental, techno/house and disco DJs. Based in Florida and Wroclaw, Poland, he provides art galleries and clubs with visuals to energize and groove audiences. He has supported Frank Martiniq (Curle, Rotary Cocktail), Jacek Sienkiewicz (Recognition), and Minutes of Funk (Radio Free Brooklyn) among others.

Having lived in South Korea, USA, Australia, Zambia and Poland his exposure to diverse genres and visual arts informs his work. Beginning in 1999 with his first 8mm camcorder, he has created a unique body of documentaries, shorts and experimental films. Mixing this library of video clips, his VJ sets juxtapose and blend astonishing landscapes, everlasting lights, and choreographed dances. He enjoys working with any number of screens, including multiple advanced mappings.

"Slou Soul Minimix 609", a promo remix by Brooklyn-based Minutes of Funk:

"The Cake is a Lie", an original mix by Berlin-based Frank Martiniq: